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No6 Mother's Day Special Set

I would be interested in a piece that looks and feels like this one.

Some stones are like an exquisite painting - a little universe upon themselves built over hundreds and thousands of years through crystallisation. Just like tree rings - wider rings suggest periods of high mineral deposition, while tight rings suggest a time of low flow and subsequent mineralization. We humans are so lucky to be able to wear these amazing art pieces around our neck! The Agate is substantial in size ( 9 cm) so I gave it some understated partners in Lava, Onyx & Carnelian!

Statement Necklace: 58cm long
Statement Earrings: length: 8cm
Statement bracelets:  are made to measure, so please make sure to leave size instructions (your wrist circumference at the widest point right over the wrist bone; see photo).

If you have a particularly small frame or need your necklace to be larger, please drop me a line. (



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