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LUKA guarantees each piece of jewellery sold for 6 weeks from the date of purchase. Defective items will be repaired or replaced at Luka’s discretion. Of course this does not cover damage by the purchaser, accidental or otherwise. Please note, given that our pieces are one-offs, we may not be able to replace some parts, but we will endeavour to you replace it with findings  that are as close as possible to the original  ones.

Caring for and protecting your necklace

Our necklaces are probably some of the most substantial (heavy!) pieces on the market and thus it is important to store them flat. If you hang them,  over years the gold/ silver stringing wire will ever so slightly extend, so it is best to store them lying flat in a storage box or drawer. To avoid strand breakage, you should try and avoid crimping and kinking. Like all designers of substantial pieces, we recommend to have your jewellery restrung periodically. Also, given that many of the semi-precious stones have been dyed, avoid storing them in the bright sun – this will guarantee that the colour of  your  necklaces stays vibrant for years!

Hairspray, perfume, cosmetics and fine jewellery are not a good mix; therefore it is a good idea to apply these products before putting on your jewellery. This is the best way to minimize the amount of hair and body care products to come into contact with the jewellery.

Always remove your jewellery before using any product that contains bleach.Bleach will cause silver, gold and other metal alloys to breakdown leaving the metal irreparably damaged. This includes swimming pools and bathing in hot tubs as chlorine products are added to prevent bacteria growth.

No matter how many websites recommend cleaning jewellery with toothpaste, please stay clear of toothpaste and other household cleaning agents because they may be too abrasive and damage the surface of your semi-precious and precious stones. Toothpaste will particularly scuff the surface of pearls and soft stones such as amber, lapis, turquoise, resulting in the fine polish which was produced by the skilled lapidary to be permanently marred.

Ultrasonic cleaners may be appropriate for cleaning some jewellery but they care known to damage some gemstones. Repeated use can also loosen the settings and you could lose your precious gems. A simple damp cloth or jeweller’s cloths will keep your jewelry clean and shiny and remove any traces of cosmetic product or body oils.

Also, some stones can be quite porous (such as opal, pearl, turquoise), therefore you shouldn’t leave these kind of stones immersed in water for too long. Finally, don’t store your necklace in full sunlight, since stones like amethyst, aquamarine or rose quartz might become paler.


By ordering from this website the buyer accepts the following conditions: Local taxes and import duties are the responsibility of the buyer.

I shall post the parcel within two days of receiving the funds from Paypal (you can use your credit card or bank account).  Given that I am based in Australia your necklace might take up to two weeks to reach you, depending on where in the world you live. If you want to arrange an express delivery, please contact me.

If you prefer to pick up your necklace from Lennox Head, please contact me to setup a time.

Return Policy

If you are not entirely happy with your purchase when you receive it, you may return your piece within 7 days of delivery for a full refund of your purchase price. Please contact me to initiate a return. You will have to wear return postage. Please understand that I cannot accept returns of pieces that show signs of wear. After checking the jewellery has not been worn or damaged I will process a complete refund unless you would prefer an exchange.

All our pieces are hand-made and checked for any faults. If your piece proofs faulty within 30 days please contact me. I will request for you to return the item by registered post to me, once receiving and after checking the jewellery has not been damaged by wrong treatment I will process a complete refund unless you would prefer an exchange or repair.

We want you to love your jewellery, so if you feel that you have to return a piece, please go ahead, but you must follow these rules…

Send a message to us to obtain a Return Authorisation.After receiving your piece it must be sent back to Luka within 7 days for personal reasons and within 30 days for faults.Secure your item(s) and all the original paperwork you received with the item in a plain box (available at the post office), or the packaging we used to send it to you.Any jewellery must be returned in the same condition as received. Any pieces that have been altered, resized or damaged will not be accepted for return. Send the package using Registered Mail as this is the safest way to ship high-value items. LUKA is not responsible for items lost or damaged in shipping.If you received the item as a gift purchased at www.luka.com.au and wish to return it, you may return the item for exchange only – a credit will not be issued.

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