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No40 Mother's Day Special Set

I would be interested in a piece that looks and feels like this one.

Fancy wearing an extraordinary "chemical painting" around your neck - then this dendritic Opal, Onyx, Lava& Pearl set might be for you.
This opal variety is termed "dendritic" due to its internal collection of dendrites. Dendrites are fern-like inclusions of iron, manganese, or other metallic oxides that create bold patterns within the gem. Typically, dendritic opals are cut into slices to best exhibit nature's artwork.

Large focal dendritic Opal cluster, Onyx, Lava, Agates, long necklace; timeless & understated piece that comes alive through the contrasting surfaces & shapes of the black stones, complimented with the chemical painting that is dendritic opal. 

Statement Necklace: short, can be extended through the extender chain.
Statement Earrings: length: 8.9cm
Statement bracelets:  are made to measure, so please make sure to leave size instructions (your wrist circumference at the widest point right over the wrist bone; see photo).

If you have a particularly small frame or need your necklace to be larger, please drop me a line. (


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