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No10 Mother's Day Special Set

I would be interested in a piece that looks and feels like this one.

A few years ago I came across a tidal pool on a very remote beach in New Caledonia that was as close to a Marine Biologists Paradise as I have ever been. It was full of hundreds of pink and orange & red anemones... in an otherwise pitch-black pool (right under a massive overhang). I drove my family (who extends me a lot of patience when it comes to snorkeling) nuts. After 8 hours even the many sea snakes on the beach wouldn't entertain my kids anymore and so I left this visual masterpiece behind. It was like being submersed in a pink & orange psychodelic world and being in the Sistine's Chapel at the same time. So if ever you see a piece of mine in these irresistible happy tangerine, fuchsia, blood orange, garnet, ruby & merlot hues you know where my inspiration is coming from (of course there are still hummingbirds as one of my eternal muses!). Carnelian, Garnet, Agates, Howlite, Agate Geodes, Pearls, recycled glass & 22kgold–plated pieces.


Statement Necklace: 52cm long,
Statement Earrings: length: 5.9cm
Statement bracelets:  are made to measure, so please make sure to leave size instructions (your wrist circumference at the widest point right over the wrist bone; see photo).

If you have a particularly small frame or need your necklace to be larger, please drop me a line. (

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