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No25 Mother's Day Special Set

Every piece is made to order and may take 2 to 7 business days to be shipped. Having said this, most pieces are shipped within 2 days.

The inspiration for this necklace is one of the most beautiful crabs I have ever come across on my way to a night snorkel in Vanuatu. There she was on her way to the ocean to spawn her precious load of dark purple eggs. My shining a dive torch in her face was probably the last thing she needed...but I am eternally grateful to her for giving me such powerful and luscious imagery. But only my last trip to New Zealand with its riches in Paua allowed me to fully translate my crab experience! Complemented with the richest magenta Crazy Lace Agate from Mexico, Agates from Brazil, Sea Glass from Malta, Lava from Indonesia with lots of 22k gold-plated pieces from Istanbul this set is a little special.

Statement Necklace: short, can be extended through the extender chain. (10/10 limited edition piece, the earrings & bracelet are one-of-a-kind).
Statement Earrings: length: 7.2cm
Statement bracelets:  are made to measure, so please make sure to leave size instructions (your wrist circumference at the widest point right over the wrist bone; see photo).

If you have a particularly small frame or need your necklace to be larger, please drop me a line. (


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