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N°448 The 39 Shades of the Red Planet Statement Necklace

The attraction to the 39 Shades of the Red Planet necklace really needs no words – red is empowering, is stands for passion and it demands attention by its very nature. The blending of many different red hues ranging from blood red Garnet, amaranth Jade, vermillion Howlite, scarlet Agates to crimson Pearls (and many more) creates serious eye candy that simply draws you in. Paired with ample rich 22k gold plated beads, toggles and clasps from Istanbul the necklace has a medieval sensibility, yet it has and utterly contemporary feel. 

Since red hues are so versatile with many outfits (dress up/ dress down!), I always want to travel with red pieces. And every time again, I am facing the same conundrum. How can I take a short piece, a mid-length piece, longer necklaces and bracelets without going overboard with my baggage allowance? Here is the answer! What looks like one luscious necklace, can actually transform into seven different necklaces & bracelets, offering a perfect way to travel light while having many pieces to choose from. It can be worn in one piece (super long, long +1 bracelet, mid-length + 1 double bracelet, as a two strand necklace, 2 short necklaces + 1 bracelet, as a lariat + 1 bracelet or as a short choker necklace with a triple bracelet). This piece is also available in Turquoise & Quartz  (No 251) or Onyx & Pearls (No 250), Ocean Agate & Turquoise (No 375).

Like all our pieces, it is one of a kind, handcrafted with love and care in our studio near Byron Bay.

This luxurious statement necklace is made from the following semi-precious stones and findings:

  • Garnet from India
  • Howlite from Hong Kong
  • Agates from Brazil
  • Jade from Canada
  • Pearls from Shanghai
  • Magnesite from Canada
  • 22k Gold plated pendant ring and beads from Istanbul
  • Approximate length (adjustable):  40-57cm 

The 39 Shades of the Red Planet Statement Necklace will be shipped free of charge to anywhere in the world …beautifully gift wrapped and ready as an exceptional gift for yourself or an unexpected gift for someone special.

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