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N°251 The Turquoise & Quartz Wanderlust 7-way Statement Necklace

All our pieces are one of a kind designs. In case the one pictured is sold, the one you buy is made to look and feel like this one, but is still unique (shipped 3-5 working days max).

Every time I am getting ready to travel, I am facing the same conundrum. How can I take a short piece, a mid-length piece, longer necklaces and bracelets without going overboard with my baggage allowance? Here is the answer! What looks like one luscious necklace, can actually transform into seven different necklaces & bracelets, offering a perfect way to travel light while having many pieces to choose from.

It can be worn in one piece (super long, long +1 bracelet, mid-length + 1 double bracelet, as a two strand necklace, 2 short necklaces + 1 bracelet, as a lariat + 1 bracelet or as a short choker necklace with a triple bracelet). This piece is also available in Onyx & Quartz  (No 250).

  • Raw Quartz from Hong Kong
  • Jade from Canada
  • Turquoise and Howlite from Hong Kong
  • Magnesite from Canada
  • Agate from India
  • 22K gold-plated beads from Istanbul & ring from Israel
  • Approximate length (in its longest form) is 58 cm

The Turquoise & Quartz Wanderlust 7-way statement necklace will be shipped free of charge to anywhere in the world … beautifully gift wrapped and ready as an exceptional gift for yourself or an unexpected gift for someone special.

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