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N°446 The Spirited Moonstone Shelter Statement Necklace

I live near the ocean and I have spent 25 years in Marine Research, so really, there are no surprises that I keep revisiting the hues of the ocean, particularly the sea foam palette ranging from whites and turquoise, to almost sepia hues of a dark & stormy day. There is a lot of research now that supports the notion that any time we spent time at the ocean or even just looking at the ocean makes us feel good by lowering our stress hormone levels. So maybe that is why I feel a little jolt of happiness by just looking at the oceanic colour palette of this sleek necklace: A white iridescent Moonstone cluster pendant, the smoothest Pearls, turquoise Oceanic Agate, sea –foam Amazonite, contrasted by the warm sepia of Smoky Quartz and Pearls and completed with crisp silver.

This necklace has further marine connection through its Moonstone cluster, which looks just like a tiny diatom alga, the original microscopic art piece of the oceans. These tiny algae (0.1mm) used to laid out in composite slides and then shown to Victorian ladies in the 19thcentury for the pleasure & enlightenment by visiting biologists. Although I am firmly a lady of the 21stcentury, I love the thought such a modern necklace could have such time-honoured woman- arts- oceanic connections!

This necklace also is incredibly versatile, in that it can be worn as one long piece, but it can also be turned into a shortie with a matching double bracelet or even worn as 2 stacked necklaces; so serious value for money here in this 3 in one piece.

Like all our pieces, it is one of a kind, handcrafted with love and care in our studio near Byron Bay.

This luxurious statement necklace is made from the following semi-precious stones and findings:

  • Moonstones (set into silver plated bezel) from Jaipur, India
  • Amazonite from Russia
  • African Turquoise from Tanzania
  • Oceanic Agate from Brazil
  • Smokey Quartz from India
  • Agates from Brazil
  • Pearls from Shanghai
  • Jade from Malaysia
  • Hematite Chevrons (plated) from Hong Kong
  • Silver-plated beads from Bali and Istanbul
  • Approximate length: adjustable; 57cm full length, 38cm without the short necklace attached, 19cm short necklace alone (or worn as double bracelet).
The Spirited Moonstone Shelter Statement Necklace will be shipped free of charge to anywhere in the world …beautifully gift wrapped and ready as an exceptional gift for yourself or an unexpected gift for someone special.


This exact piece is sold, but you can still order a unique piece that looks and feels like this one here. Your bespoke piece will be shipped within 3-5 working days.

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