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N°600 Love Letters from a Marine Biologist Statement Necklace

Every piece is made to order and may take 2 to 7 business days to be shipped. Having said this, most pieces are shipped within 2 days.

There is a good reason why Paua is called "Marine Opal". I brought back lots of Paua from my last two New Zealand trips, where it is rightly revered as one of the most beautiful and culturally significant materials. It feels almost like a privilege to be able to work with this iridescent raw material that can do no wrong. I have paired the Paua in these pieces with lots of purple Amethyst and ocean bottle green Jade, Pearls, raw Fluorite & Lava to pay homage to the stunning hues that define Paua. 

And as if the rainbow iridescent shell was not already enough to satisfy one's wonder, abalone is also amazing because of its shell chemistry. The shell is composed of microscopic calcium carbonate tiles stacked like bricks and the "mortar" is a sticky protein substance, making it exceptionally strong. When the shell gets struck, the individual tiles don't break, but slide along each other courtesy of the stretchy protein, thereby absorbing the energy. This makes the abalone a critter of serious interest for material scientists, which hope to transfer this knowledge into products such as body armor. Stunning looks and interesting chemistry – perfect!

This very sleek and contemporary necklace is actually two necklaces in one, in that it can be worn long, or doubled up as a two-strand luscious short necklace (see images below).

Like all our pieces, it is handcrafted with love and care in our studio near Byron Bay. This eclectic limited-edition statement necklace is made from the following semi-precious stones and findings:

  • Amethyst from Russia
  • Agates from Brazil
  • Paua from New Zealand
  • Fluorite from Australia
  • Sea Glass from Malta
  • Mother of Pearl from India
  • Silver-plated pendant and beads from Istanbul and Bali
  • Approximate full length: 63 cm, when worn as a 2-strand short necklace 39 cm
  • 1/10 limited edition 
The Love Letters from a Marine Biologist Statement Necklace will be beautifully gift-wrapped and ready as an exceptional gift for yourself or an unexpected gift for someone special. Weendeavour to make each piece as closely as possible to the one shown in the image. However, since we are working with natural stones, each piece is a little bit different and that's just the way we like it. 

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